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Fatty15, an innovative supplement, stands out in the world of essential fatty acids. As a biohacker and global team leader for Solex AO Scan premier health technology and products, you understand the importance of precise supplementation for optimal health. Fatty15 is a C15:0 supplement, offering benefits beyond traditional omega-3s. Its science-backed composition addresses cellular health more broadly and safely than omega-3, showing significant improvements in metabolism, immune system regulation, heart, liver, and red blood cell health. With studies indicating its role in reversing cellular aging and enhancing longevity, fatty15 emerges as a groundbreaking choice for those seeking to optimize their health at a cellular level.
I encourage everyone to add fatty15 to their daily regimen. I have already added it to mine and have noted changes in my body that have been felt, seen, and recognized on my daily AO Scans. Frequency technology is the future. So is fatty15!